What to Put in Your Airbnb Welcome Book

What to Put in Your Airbnb Welcome Book (Must-Read!)

Airbnb welcome book is a guide and an essential amenities to a rental property that gives guests vital information about the property and its location.

The welcome book helps to give guests a good impression about your property, which encourages them to come again and give good reviews and ratings.

Read on to find out what you should put in your welcome book for guests.

What should you put in your Airbnb Welcome Book?

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When creating an Airbnb welcome book, you should put a guest welcome page, instructions on checking in and checking out, property policy, and other valuable information about your property and its location.

Below are the seven major components of the Airbnb welcome book you should include in yours to give an excellent welcoming impression and encourage future stays.

A Welcome Page

A welcome note is a way to give your guests a good impression of you and your space. You should use this page to introduce yourself, about your rental property, and thank them for choosing to stay with you.

When writing your welcome page, be sure to personalize it so they know you’re offering a different experience from a hotel. Keep it brief, positive, and welcoming. Also, consider including your contact information and rental property address in case of emergency for safety reasons.

Tip: Have an editable copy of your Airbnb welcome guide. You can easily edit the welcome template to suit the type of guests you’re receiving and include their names.

Important Information about Your Property


After the welcome page, you can include some brief information and details about your space. This section helps guests to learn more about your space, its unique features and aspects, and how to get the most out of it. Below is some information you should include in this section

  • Guest’s Wi-fi password
  • Access codes (front gate access code, parking space code, lockbox, etc.)
  • Parking information
  • Emergency contacts such as the fire department, nearest police station, and hospital.
  • Property cleaning details

Tip: When creating this section, ask yourself what guests may need to feel welcome and comfortable. Then add any necessary information you think they may need. 

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How to Check-in and Check-Out

If you have a particular protocol for checking in and checking out, be sure to include it in your welcome guide. This section should include details on how to get in and out of your property and the hours. This helps to ensure their check-in and check-out process goes smoothly without any issues.

If you have a particular check-in and check-out time, state it clearly. Let guests know if they are allowed to check in earlier or late and if there are any charges.

In addition, if you have a customizable Airbnb welcome book, you can also add the details of their length of stay as a gentle reminder.

Your Property Codes and Policies

Including your property codes and policies in your guest information book is essential to avoid issues. You may have sent your guests’ property policies before arrival or included them in your Airbnb listing. However, it must be put in your Airbnb welcome book to reiterate the policies.

Also, adding property codes and policies to your house manual gives guests easy access to check them anytime. Ensure your rental property codes and policies are simple and clear.

When listing your house rules, it’s best to be concise and clear. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a quiet time?
  • Is smoking allowed?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Are outside guests allowed to visit or stay over?
  • Are events or parties allowed?
  • Are there areas that guests can’t access?

How-to Instructions for Electronics and Appliances


This section of your Airbnb welcome book is one of the most important sections. It contains detailed how-to instructions on using your electronics and other appliances during their stay.

You should include this section to avoid issues or questions from guests on how to operate your appliances.

Here are some appliances you should write instructions for:

  • The thermostat
  • How to use the fireplace
  • How to turn on the Jacuzzi and water heater.
  • How to use kitchen appliances, e.g., oven, microwave, coffee maker, etc.

It’s a good idea to go through your space and check to see if any appliances need instructions when using them. Similar to the house rules section, keep this section clear and concise.

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Transportation options and details

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When creating your guest book, be sure to mention transportation options and schedules. Be sure to provide as many options as possible so that guests can choose the best one for them.

Some of the options for the transportation details you should include are:

  • Nearest bus stops and stations
  • Bus numbers and routes
  • Directions to and from airports
  • Uber or Lyft availability
  • Bike rentals

Attractions and things to do


Be sure to include places that you think guests should check out during their stay. As a property owner, recommending places to visit for your guests shows you’re familiar with your location and want guests to have a great time.

Also, you can use these recommendations to upsell the services you offer to guests. If you have any partnerships with any local business, you can promote these businesses here.

Here are some recommendations you can put in your Airbnb welcome book:

  • Tourist and sporting centers.
  • Local and continental restaurants.
  • Grocery store.
  • Nightlife (bars, game houses, breweries, clubs, and live music).
  • Cultural fairs and festivals.


  1. While recommending must-see sights for guests, ensure you include various activities and places in your guestbook. Don’t only recommend your partnered places.
  2. Include details like the recommended places and activities’ website, address, or phone contact.

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What is Airbnb Guidebook?


In addition to your Airbnb welcome book, an Airbnb guidebook provides extra information about your space and area. A guidebook allows guests to browse restaurants, grocery stores, tourist centers, entertainment venues, and other must-see sights. In addition, you can also add exclusive features of your rental property that you want guests to know.

Although you can include your guidebook in your listings on Airbnb, it’s a good idea to send it to guests prior to their check-in. Also, be sure to print out a copy for guests to refer to during their stay.

Sharing your guidebook with guests on arrival gives guests easy access to your location details at any time.

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Airbnb Guidebook Ideas (5 Tips)

When you’re creating an Airbnb guidebook for your listing or to give your guests on arrival, keep the following in mind:

Create a brief Guidebook

Make your guidebook recommendations simple, brief, and easy for guests to scan through in a few minutes. When creating the guidebook, help guests understand their expected experience in your recommendations.

Make personal recommendations

When you recommend your guests, make strong recommendations with personal experience and knowledge of the place. Guests are more convinced when you recommend places you love.

Include the Photos of places you recommend

Be sure to include high-quality photos of the recommended places. This provides a better visual experience and helps guests to understand how the places look.

As always, ensure you take quality pictures of your property to attract more guests.

Include Special Features

When making recommendations, mention the unique aspects of the places. For example, maybe a specific restaurant has amazing sunset views or live music or a café has a great atmosphere.

Update your Guidebook regularly

Ensure you review your guidebook regularly to ensure the information is up-to-date and describes your location. To update your guidebook can frequently add new places you’ve tried in your location to give the guest diverse options.


Having an Airbnb welcome book and guidebook helps to provide guests with a great experience. Follow the tips discussed in this post to create an informative manual and guidebook.

If you’re looking for help, I can help you to create a professional Airbnb guidebook for your guests. If your listing needs an upgrade, that can be solved as well.

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