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How to Make Money with Airbnb Experiences (Beginners Guide)

Airbnb Experiences offer an excellent opportunity for hosts to earn extra income while pursuing their passions alongside other responsibilities.

Continue reading to discover the secrets of creating a 5-star Airbnb Experience, explore various types and real-life examples of Airbnb experiences you can provide, learn how to profit from them, and uncover compelling reasons to consider hosting an Airbnb experience for eager travelers.

How To Make Money with Airbnb Experiences

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To embark on your journey towards making money with Airbnb Experiences, begin by conceiving a distinctive experience concept and establishing an Airbnb account. Subsequently, navigate to your Airbnb account to configure your experience, diligently furnishing all the necessary information prompted by Airbnb.

Following this, you should explain your experience and qualifications thoroughly, providing a comprehensive description. Upon this completion, enhance your listing with high-quality photos showcasing your experience in action, and proceed to submit your application. Upon acceptance, you’ll be ready to commence delivering memorable experiences to your guests.

By following these steps on how to create and promote your Airbnb Experience, you can effectively make money while sharing your passion with enthusiastic travelers.

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What Are Airbnb Experiences?

An Airbnb experience represents an activity thoughtfully crafted and guided by a local host for tourists. Airbnb often encapsulates this concept with the phrase ‘live like a local,’ emphasizing the aim of providing visitors with an authentic and immersive encounter in the local culture. Importantly, Airbnb Experience hosts have the opportunity to share their passions and expertise with anyone seeking to learn, irrespective of whether they have lodging accommodations to offer.

How to Create an Airbnb Experience

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Research Your Idea

Before creating your Airbnb experience, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research. Take the time to contemplate what will set your experience apart from others in your area.

Search for similar experiences on Airbnb to the one you’re considering and research the details and pricing. This serves a dual purpose: ensuring the viability of your application with Airbnb and evaluating whether your experience is financially sustainable.

Create an Airbnb account

Once you’ve honed a winning concept, proceed to create your Airbnb account.

Create an Experience and Provide the Details

Next, establish a new experience within your account and provide the necessary details as required by Airbnb. Expect inquiries about the location, the type of experience, and the selection of activities.

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Describe Your Experience and Qualifications

After supplying Airbnb with the essential details of your experience, you’ll be tasked with answering questions that establish your authority on the subject. You’ll encounter queries like ‘How long have you been involved in XYZ?’ and ‘Do you hold any formal certificates or awards in XYZ?’. This step is pivotal for Airbnb to gauge your qualifications to offer such an experience.

Describe the Airbnb Experience

Next, you’ll be prompted to write a description of the Airbnb Experience. This description should encompass:

  • The expectations for guests during the experience.
  • The proposed itinerary for guests.
  • Specific attributes that distinguish your activity from others.
An Airbnb Experiences Host describes their Paris photo session Experience with a detailed description.


This exemplary experience description excels in outlining the target audience and guests’ anticipated experience. The itinerary is transparent, and potential guests are directed to a social media account for further visual insights. Moreover, the description shares valuable tips from the photographer, such as bringing an extra pair of shoes for comfort and identifying optimal times with smaller crowds.

Upload Photos

Subsequently, you’ll have the opportunity to upload up to seven high-quality images that represent your activity or service. These images should ideally depict people engaging with the activity and possibly include a shot of the location where the experience will unfold. Natural lighting and candid photography work exceptionally well on Airbnb.

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Await Application Results

At this point, you must patiently await Airbnb’s response to your application. If your application is initially declined, don’t be discouraged. You can fine-tune aspects of your application and reapply. Focus on showcasing your personal expertise and what distinguishes your experience from the rest.

Get to Work!

With a successful application, your Airbnb experience is now live! It’s time to start creating memorable moments for travelers eager to immerse themselves in the local culture. Remember, delivering an exceptional service or experience that exceeds expectations is the key to earning five-star guest reviews.

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How Much Money Can I Make with an Airbnb Experience?

The potential income you can generate through Airbnb experiences depends on several factors, including the nature of the experience you provide, the value it delivers, the number of participants it attracts, and whether you incur any expenses. Additionally, you have the chance to receive tips from satisfied travelers and can implement specific promotions and discounts to entice larger groups to join your tour or activity.

Art and Culture

In the US, art and cultural experiences exhibit a wide price range, varying depending on their nature. For instance, a photography session may cost participants anywhere from $40 to $100 per person, whereas tours may command higher rates, influenced by their duration.

Search results for various Art and Culture Airbnb Experiences near you.


Food and Drink

Food and drink tours typically cost more than $50 per person, and more if they involve a class of some sort. Generally speaking, the more unique the activity, the more an Airbnb host is able to charge for it. The amount charged also depends significantly on experience level. An ex-Michelin Star chef will likely charge more than a local with no professional cooking experience.

Food and drink tours generally exceed the $50 per person mark in terms of cost, especially if they involve a class of some sort. As a general rule, the uniqueness of an activity often correlates with the price an Airbnb host can charge. Furthermore, pricing is significantly influenced by the host’s level of expertise; for instance, an ex-Michelin Star chef is likely to charge more than a local host lacking professional culinary experience.

Search results for various Food and Drink Airbnb Experiences.

Types of ‘Food and Drink’ experiences in Italy.


How to Make the Most Money with Airbnb Experiences

To optimize your Airbnb experience’s revenue, consider experimenting with various pricing tiers, carefully tracking the balance between booking volume and earnings for each price point you test. Additionally, contemplate creating an experience with minimal or no associated expenses, allowing you to retain all your charges as pure profit.

Exploring the Most Popular Airbnb Experiences

A young girl with glasses and a unique style is sitting on the road with her camera on a tripod, about to take a photo.


Airbnb offers a diverse array of experiences, typically classified into four distinct sections: Art and Culture, Food and Drink, Entertainment, and Sports.

Photography Services

In today’s social media-driven world, photography services have gained immense popularity as an Airbnb experience. Whether your expertise lies in capturing the distinctive architecture of your city or curating specific photographic aesthetics, there’s a significant demand for this service. To truly shine in this category, ensure your photography experience stands out among the competition.

Primary images from an Airbnb Experience listing of a DUMBO/Brooklyn Bridge photo walk.


Primary images from an Airbnb Experience listing of a San Francisco Personal Photographer Tour.


Walking Tours

Another crowd-pleaser in the realm of Airbnb experiences is the classic walking or sightseeing tour. This appeals to a broad spectrum of tourists, not just those inclined to share every moment on social media. You can offer a local tour featuring historical landmarks, a culinary journey exploring local restaurants, an artistic exploration of street art, or even tours delving into the homes of celebrities or historical figures in your area.

Activities and Classes

Airbnb experiences encompass a vast array of activities and classes, offering an opportunity to turn your passions into profit. Whether you’re an accomplished surfer, a former professional chef, a roller-skating virtuoso, or simply someone with a fervor for a particular hobby, hosting activities and classes allows you to monetize what you love. Examples include:

  • Sports such as football, surfing, archery, tennis, snowboarding, or golf.
  • Classes spanning cooking, yoga, meditation, painting, or pottery.

When deciding what type of experience to offer, draw inspiration from your existing interests and expertise.

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Nightlife and Shopping Tours

Entertainment tours, specifically nightlife excursions, bar hops, and shopping adventures, represent another appealing facet of Airbnb experiences. These tours cater to niche audiences and depend heavily on your personal interests and knowledge. Possibilities abound, from luxury shopping expeditions and visits to popular clothing stores to explorations of local markets and unique, offbeat boutiques. Collaborations with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts and incentives can further enhance the appeal of your tours.

Another great place to recommend local attractions is your Airbnb guidebook. Learn how to create a professional guidebook and manual for guests here.

Are Airbnb Experiences Worth It?

Hosting Airbnb experiences presents a fantastic opportunity to get compensated for pursuing your passions, connect with new people, and enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule. Whether you opt for full-time or part-time engagement, your genuine enthusiasm for your tour or activity will resonate with guests, creating unforgettable memories.

To start making money with Airbnb experiences, begin by setting up your account and providing Airbnb with comprehensive details about your expertise and background. Capitalize on your creative prowess to craft a one-of-a-kind and enchanting experience, whether it’s a captivating photography session, an invigorating boxing class, or a serene beachside yoga session.

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