He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back

He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back (Common Reasons Why)

Getting late replies can be frustrating, especially when you are chatting with someone on a dating site. You really like him and want to know more, but he takes forever to text back. This might put your mood off, and you may wonder what’s wrong.

There are multiple reasons why a person might reply late; however, later replies are often a sign the other person is not interested in you. Well, before you lose hope, it’s important to understand the other reasons behind late replies. Read on to know why he takes so much time or does not reply back at all.

He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back

What Does It Mean When A Guy Replies Late?

It can mean a lot of things when a guy replies late. If he takes more than 12 hours to reply, he may be extremely busy with work. Notably, some common reasons a guy suddenly stops replying may be that he gets involved in an accident, he’s lost his phone, or he doesn’t have access to it due to an emergency. Hence, you may not get a reply soon enough.

Besides that, another important reason a guy is replying late could be that he isn’t interested, attracted, or paying attention to you. This can occur due to a number of factors which we will discuss below. Here’s an example of a guy replying late, which leaves the conversation hanging:

He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back

Here is the perfect example of how late replies can lead to frustration and even heated arguments. Seeing how the other person reacted, you can easily judge where the conversation is leading. It is best to stay focused and compassionate as you may not know why the other persona hasn’t texted back yet. Being offensive is one of the common mistakes people make on online dating apps.

He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back

The above example shows a poor response. While the guy wanted to start the conversation, he wasn’t patient enough to wait for more than five minutes. You can see how he overreacted and said “bye” almost instantly. Even when the girl replied, the guy kept showing a poor attitude and resentment over her late reply. He called her fake and crossed the line. Remember, it is common to wait five minutes or more when a match on a dating site occurs.

Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden

So, the guy you are talking to is taking longer to reply. There may be a number of factors and reasons behind this. For instance, if they have seen your messages but have not replied, it could mean he isn’t interested anymore and is avoiding you. Here are some other possible reasons why.

  • He is taking his time to come up with a witty reply
  • He isn’t interested in chatting
  • He is busier than usual
  • He may have forgotten about the match

The reasons behind a late reply can be endless. Pay attention to the guy’s texting style, as it could help you understand if he wants to talk to you. Does he take some time to reply after seeing your message? Is he replying with one-word answers and seems uninterested? By looking for patterns, you can sense how engaged the other person is.

Besides that, look for ways to engage your matches since a bad starter or opener can ruin the mood of a conversation.

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How Long Should a Guy Take to Reply?

Remember there isn’t a specific amount of time in which a guy should reply back. If he is interested, he will typically reply back instantly or within an hour or so. Even if he is busy, he shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours to reply. However, if he is constantly ignoring your messages and not replying, it’s a clear sign that he is not that interested. Here is how long a guy should reply to messages:

  • Family – it should take no more than 24 hours
  • Friend(s) – it should take no more than 24 hours
  • The girl that he is dating – typically no longer than a few hours

Here’s how a conversation can drift off when there is a late response:

Why Is He Taking So Long To Respond All Of A Sudden

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What Do Late Replies Mean?

A late reply can mean a lot of things. For example, he may reply late to give you the impression that he is playing hard to get. It could also mean that he does not know how to make a conversation interesting. Or, maybe the guy is shy or not very good with text conversations.

It can also be his first time using an online dating app. Apart from that, some guys really like to work their way into making a conversation fun and enjoyable. This is why some guys take time to formulate their replies. If a guy appears to be active on the dating app but is not replying, he may not be serious or interested in you.

However, if he hasn’t replied but remains offline, he could just be busy with other things. Depending on your relationship, you may grow tired of the late replies and decide to end the conversation. If you are interested in him, you can always follow up with him with a quick message. Here’s what you can do without looking desperate:

  • You can send him a “ping” or message to get his attention
  • You can send a picture of the delicious food you just had
  • You can also send a picture of an event you are attending

By sending pictures and sharing small details, you can make the guy curious about you. Hence, he will reply back if he wants to know you more.

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He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back

If a guy likes you and takes forever to text back, you might want to know the reason behind his late replies. As mentioned, there are a million reasons why he is taking longer to text you back. I always recommend moving the conversation off the dating app as soon as possible so you have more ways to contact each other. This can include WhatsApp, Skype, or phone calls to name a few. In the end, if he truly likes you he will make time for you and the relationship.

Here’s an example of how taking too long to reply can lead to an awkward situation:

He Likes Me but Takes Forever To Text Back

Do Guys Ever Regret Ghosting?

There are many guys who regret their decision after ghosting a girl on a dating app, but it also depends on the reason. For instance, some guys ghost girls on dating apps because they don’t feel the connection. Others find it hard to keep up with the conversation style of the girl.

On the other hand, when some guys find girls awkward, weird, or, as some say, “not their type,” they simply drop the conversation and stop replying. In such scenarios, a guy rarely regrets ghosting a girl.

Here are some examples of ghosting:

Do Guys Ever Regret Ghosting?

Here is another example:

Do Guys Ever Regret Ghosting?

This user tried to apologize for ghosting but they should have just been upfront about their feelings from the start.

Do Guys Ever Regret Ghosting?

Best Reply to Someone Who Ignores You

Firstly, pay attention to the reason why someone is ignoring you. Does he appear to be busy? Is he coming back just because he has free time and not because he is interested? Make sure that you don’t sound desperate for attention in your replies. When you are waiting for his reply, it means that you care for him. Here’s what you can say to some who ignores you:

  • “I’ll respect your space if you aren’t interested in the conversation anymore.”

You can even come up with a witty response without sounding rude or offensive.

  • “Hey, did you drop your phone in the toilet?”
  • “If you fainted from my beauty and humorous texts, it’s okay. I seem to have that effect on people.”

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