Increase Visibility On OkCupid

How to Increase Your Visibility on OkCupid (Tips to 5X Your Matches)

These days it is getting so easy to add your profile to a dating site to find someone who piques your interest. While online dating is the go-to way to find a casual or long-term relationship, it will require some effort from your side.

We take a closer look at the very popular OkCupid to see how you can be seen by more people and find your special someone. A long list of tips is at your disposal to improve the visibility of your profile and get more dates.

Remember that you actually need to go out there and make use of the pointers for them to be of any effect.

So, How Do I Become More Visible On OkCupid?

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You should have a compelling bio description. This includes answering the questions clearly so they have a better picture of you and what you prefer. Be to the point and answer as many questions as possible.

Be sure to have a variety of high-quality photos. People react more to images than text. Your pictures should be clear, show your face, and include a variety of activities to encourage more likes and replies. I recommend having one full-body shot and avoiding selfies whenever possible.

Lastly, be sure to be active and update your profile regularly. This includes tweaking your bio and photos and testing out new conversation starters. By doing these things, you’re showing OkCupid that you’re an active user, which increases your chances of getting quality matches.

Let’s go over these tips more in detail below.

Create a Memorable Bio

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Popular words that will make your profile attract more views and likes are those used by people to describe what they like. If you have the word ‘Dog’ in your profile, many dog people will be attracted, and the same goes for the word ‘Music’. Think about your favorite hobbies and interests and highlight them in your bio.

Make sure you write about all the things you love, and those who love the same things may react more positively to your profile. This may be the reason why women get more likes in general; they do not shy away from those types of questions.

Men typically do not want to be seen as weak, so they don’t expose much of their ‘feelings’ on a public site.

You need to compel people to read your profile, so use the right words. If you’re funny, use humor in your self-summary. Don’t be afraid to use your wit and play with words. Rather than a normal description of yourself, write one that is interesting and will entertain those who read it. That way, you’ll stand out from other profiles.

Learn how to improve your profile to get more dates. 

Give Your Photos Extra Attention

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The photo you use for your profile is what will attract potential partners the most. Only after liking what they see in your photo will anyone care what your bio says and what your personality is like.

There are many great techniques that can be used to make good profile pictures, so check them out for great tips.

To catch attention, your photo must have the following:

  • High contrast between you and the background
  • No sunglasses
  • A close-up of your face, but no selfies
  • High quality so you can be seen clearly
  • Include a variety of your favorite activities
  • Include one full-body shot
  • Pictures with animals are always good
  • Avoid shirtless pictures.

More Great Tips To Get More Matches

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There is a lot of great advice floating on the internet on becoming more visible and getting more matches for more options. We list a few of the more essential things you need to pay attention to when creating a profile on OkCupid.

Be Online Often

You have to be active for your profile to be visible. If you’re online a lot, your profile will be prioritized and be more likely to reach the front page. You’ll also be able to see the people who are active and online easier if you’re online yourself.

Time Is Of the Essence

There are best times to log in when it comes to dating websites because everybody has their lives to live. According to OkCupid, the best time to log in is anytime from seven to ten o’clock at night when daily activities start to slow down.

These are the times when most people are active on the site, making it more likely to find a match.

Say What You Need

Do not beat around the bush when it is time to answer all those questions when you create your bio on OkCupid. Say what you want and what you expect from those you want to have dates with right from the word go.

If you are looking for something casual, make it clear. Or if you are looking for a long-term relationship, let them state it. By making your intentions clear, you’ll be attracting the right prospects and filtering out poor matches.

According to OkCupid, 35% of users believe climate change is real, 38% would consider an open marriage and 46% are afraid of commitment. Knowing where you stand on important topics will allow you to connect with people on the same level as you.

Learn what to do if your conversations are going nowhere. 

Catch their Attention With Your First Line

Make the first line of your profile compelling enough to make them keep on reading instead of boring staccato information. This is also your first introduction to whoever reads your profile and as you know, first impressions last longer, so keep it interesting.

Good conversation starters will always take you a long way. See here how to start a memorable conversation.

Is It Possible To Get More Visits On OkCupid?

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See what the experts say on how to get more visits so you can get more exposure and, in the process, more matches on OkCupid. According to them, you should rotate your favorite photos on a regular basis and add new ones to increase the number of views.

Create effective photos that will attract more views for your profile and increase the chances of getting more matches. When you create your bio, this is an important fact to keep in mind, together with great opening lines.

Many blogs and articles online will teach you how to start a good conversation with valuable advice on the best starting lines. Online dating is not that easy; you need to have the right stuff to get replies and more views, leading to more matches.

For those people who never know what to say on the first date, there are very easy ways to get it started. Even if someone becomes silent after one or two conversations, there are easy ways to get the conversation going again.

If you need coaching on becoming a master conversationalist visit my website, and I will help you.

How Many Likes On OkCupid Is a Lot?

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It is not always easy to say how many likes are a lot on OkCupid and may depend on many different things. A person who has been on the app for two years can have only twenty likes, and suddenly that number can double.

For that person, it is a lot while someone who uses the app may not think it is a lot. Women get more likes in general, so a number in the thousands may be standard for them, while it is much less for men.

On the other hand, you can find that some guys also have a thousand likes because of a much more creative profile. Many things have an influence, one woman will add different pictures, and the likes will increase, and other times she gets little response.

More than three thousand likes for women seems a lot but much less than that can be a lot for guys.

If you are one of those people who do not get any replies, see here how to get started for real.

Are the Likes On OkCupid Fake?

Many dating sites make use of bots to send out likes to profiles, so it is possible that OkCupid also does that. Most of the time, you will get real likes which may lead to the free exchange of messages and even a date.

Therefore I wouldn’t worry about the likes being fake and just focus on things that you can control such as your bio, photos, and opening lines.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have some starting pointers go out there and get your soulmate or just a fling to have a good time with. This is all about getting more matches and dates, and with that, I can help.

As a ghostwriter for dating apps, I have the experience to create the best profile for better responses. Get in touch!

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