How many matches do you get on Bumble

How Many Matches Should You Get On Bumble? (Answer Revealed!)

Being on a dating app is exciting. However, what is more, exciting is getting matched and actually talking to potential romantic partners. People often wonder how many matches they would ideally get on Bumble?

Although there is no definitive number for everyone, you can have a fairly accurate idea of how many matches you would ideally get on the dating app. So if you’re new to the world of Bumble or just want to get to know the dating application better, here’s where you will find all the information you need!

How Many Matches Do You Get On Bumble

The frequency of matches you get depends on several factors. Including the number of times, you swipe right. It goes without saying that the more open you are about swiping right, the more chances you have of being matched. The definitive match rate for Bumble is known by the company itself.

However, according to this user’s calculations, on average, Bumble users get swiped up to 10 times in a day. On the other hand, more active users get priority with up to 12 swipes a day. The average rate for matches on Bumble is roughly 3%. It should also be remembered that Bumble’s algorithm indirectly rewards active users instead of directly rewarding them. If you’re unsure about how the dating app works, you can read about Bumble FAQs to clear some common queries you may have.

A few other factors that affect your rate of being matched include the information you have put on your dating profile. Your bumble profile and the bio on it are of utmost importance as that is the first interaction someone has with your profile before deciding whether they want to swipe right or left. Ignoring key information such as children or marriage may lead to quite a bit of shock on the other end.

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The conversation above shows why it’s important to put information like this in your bio. If you decide to casually mention it in the chat, the other person may be a bit taken aback – as is the case here. They may also not always react positively.

r/Bumble - Wasn’t expecting that…



This is another great example of what not to do. Casually dropping such an important piece of information about yourself into the conversation can startle people and lead to you being ghosted, as in the conversation above.

If you’re unsure of how good your bumble profile is, here are a few great bumble profile bio ideas to improve your matching rates. Also, be sure to check out my guide if you’re still confused about what to write in your bumble bio.

How Many Matches Do You Get On Bumble


Being honest about yourself is a great way to start off any relationship. The profile in the screenshot above, for example, has numerous matches despite his brutal honesty about his current situation. It incorporates a bit of humor and presents his situation in a funny way.

How Often Do Guys Get Matches On Bumble

The rate for swiping right is different for men and women. According to the same Reddit user, 15% of men get swiped right by 50% of women, whereas 25% of women are swiped right by 50% of men.

When a guy likes someone on Bumble, and they swipe right, the girl gets a notification and has 24 hours to respond to it. If a match is made, the girl is given 24 hours to initiate a conversation, after which the match expires. When you get matched, you will receive a push notification.

However, a rule set by Bumble via their software only allows women to send the first message. Once the girl has sent the first message, you can start a proper conversation from there.

People often assume that the first few messages are usually cursory, but they can set the tone for the entire conversation, and if not done correctly, can leave a bad mark from the get-go. After all, first impressions are last impressions for many cases. For this reason, it is important to follow proper texting etiquette.

Not sure how to go about starting your first conversation? Here’s the perfect article on how to break the ice on Bumble! This is especially important if you’re looking for a long-term relationship and serious commitment, in which case having a few good conversation openers that can help the conversation move smoothly can be helpful. If your conversations are going nowhere, here are some tips to revive a dying bumble conversation and help you get the chemistry going once more.

How Many Matches Do Guys Get On Bumble

The number of matches men get on a number can vary from user to user. However, guys are guaranteed numerous potential matches if all things are in place. But, it is important to ensure that you use Bumble’s algorithm to your advantage and then follow through with some great conversation skills to get an official date. If your dating profile or bio is incomplete, the chances of getting matches will drop.

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The conversation above shows why you shouldn’t leave your profile incomplete. It can give off a poor impression and make you come across as someone who is not trustworthy.

You should also have some great, recent profile pictures so that you can put your best foot forward in a sea of potential matches. If, however, you have everything in order but still can’t seem to get matches, check to make sure your profile is verified. This could be one reason for not getting any potential matches.

Although priority users tend to get the most matches, guys can also raise their chances of finding matches on Bumble by being active and increasing your frequency of swiping right. However, there is a limit to how many swipe rights you can do within 24 hours, so make sure you swipe right on people you are actually interested in and are not just doing it to appear more active.

Once you’ve matched and the conversation has started to flow, you both have been flirting. You will now want to make the next move and get your match’s number. Remember, this is an important step that can make or break the relationship. Here is a useful read on how to tactfully ask for your match’s number on Bumble.

Average Bumble Matches For A Girl

Bumble is a safe and fun way to explore the dating world for girls. As mentioned previously, 50% of men tend to swipe right 25% of the time when it comes to women. Bumble’s rules ensure women are not unnecessarily bombarded with messages and have the security to make the first move if they wish to.

r/Bumble - You would think people know how this app works. Nope.


The conversation above is an example of an embarrassing encounter. Not knowing the way the dating app you’re on works can make you come across as ignorant. So, make sure you remember this rule before making messaging mistakes like these.

Ensure you’re polite and use proper texting etiquette while sending the first message as well. Bombarding someone with questions could potentially lead to a disaster like this one.

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Bombarding a match with a lot of questions at once can make you come across as a bit too nosy. The person in the screenshot above clearly responded to a list of questions with a lot of sarcasm – so you want to avoid that.

The same advice of ensuring you have a great dating profile, complete dating bio, and some great pictures will lead to a higher frequency of right swipes and matches for girls as well.

Once you’ve started chatting with each other, and you feel that the guy doesn’t respond as often, here is a helpful guide on decoding this common guy behavior.

Bumble Matches I Didn’t Swipe

To get a match on Bumble, both users must swipe right. If you receive one of Bumble’s prompts about your profile being swiped right, you will have the choice of either swiping right and confirming the match or swiping left and ignoring the request.

However, if you’ve accidentally swiped left, you can always backtrack and correct your mistake. Bumble also tends to show some old profiles that you may have swiped left on earlier in case you’ve changed your mind.

According to the algorithm, if someone is more suited to you, chances are their profile will show up again. If you’re a female who has matched with a guy, then you must send the first message to ensure that the match does not expire.

Final Thoughts

Bumble is a great way to explore the dating world. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you will always prefer to have numerous matches that you can choose from. By ensuring you have the right activity level and a complete dating profile, you can easily be matched with the right person and start your romantic journey.

If you feel a bit rusty and need some help getting back into the dating game, then I can help you get started! As a professional dating profile ghostwriter, I know exactly what your profile needs, so if you’re interested in improving your dating profile, then you can contact me. Also, if you need help with feedback on important relationship texts, don’t be afraid to drop me a message!

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