What Happens if a Guy Doesn’t Reply on Bumble?

What happens if a Guy Doesn’t Reply on Bumble? (8 Reasons Why)

It’s frustrating sending heaps of messages and your Bumble match doesn’t message back with at least a single reply. Yeah, I know that feeling, and it isn’t cool at all!

One question I often get asked is, why do guys ghost on bumble? Did you send the wrong signal? Did he even get those messages at all? Or perhaps he’s just not interested?

Beating yourself up over this is not worth it, though; however, here are some possible reasons why he isn’t replying to you.

What Happens if a Guy Doesn’t Reply on Bumble?

Why do guys stop messaging on bumble?

Guys stop messaging on bumble because of reasons that can be traced to extreme busyness, disinterestedness, forgetfulness, no notification by the bumble app, better matchups, and more. However, to avoid getting into this mess, it’s important to be conscious about the kind of guys you choose on bumble. Thoroughly filter their photos, profiles, and bio to ensure that you’re going for people who share similar interests, principles, interests, and values like you.

Why do guys stop messaging on bumble?

Let’s go over some more common reasons below.

1. You used the wrong approach

Bumble is a digital platform, and sometimes, what you communicate may get misinterpreted by the receiver. For instance, sending a “Hey” or “Hi, what’s up” to a guy might not get you his attention. Some guys want something more engaging and that’s why you got ghosted on Bumble. They want someone they perceive has some level of intelligence they can roll with. Thus, the only way to break the ice is to get their attention by showing interest in who they are or what they do.

Why do guys stop messaging on bumble?

Next time, add something catchy to your greeting, and don’t just say “hi” or “hello.” For example, you can try these:

Hi, I’m Sammie. What a highly inspiring profile you’ve got here! Can’t wait to start learning from the boss (LOL)… or

It’s fascinating how you do what you do, let’s get to know each other better! Sammie, by the way…

These give a better impression of your personality. A normal, sane person should be interested in anyone interested in them. It’s simple life logic.

To get what to say, you can take a peek at his profile to have an idea of who he is, likes, and dislikes. Never let your text show that you are desperate to know him, especially if he’s rich and influential. Be careful not to send the wrong signal because if you do, he might never reply.

2. You’ve got an unattractive profile

When you reach out to a guy on bumble, the next thing he does is check out your profile and pictures to know you after viewing your message. If you’ve got a top-notch profile and very nice-looking pictures, he would want to associate with you. On the flip side, if your profile looks all messed up and your pictures reflect a clumsy person and all, he would swipe away. Getting your profile properly set up, and knowing what to write in your bio and whatnot is very important. You have to keep it tight, crisp, and attractive. Here is a good example of an attractive profile on bumble:

This profile shows who the person is without being wordy. Within a split second, the match gets to know about her; then, he becomes curious about other things she didn’t talk about and would want to meet her.

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3. He isn’t interested

It’s a creepy assumption, though, but sadly, this could be the reality. If you don’t meet the standard of some guys in terms of appearance, they’d only take a swipe after viewing your profile and pictures. Apart from these egoistic types who believe you aren’t in their league; some others prefer not to light a fire that won’t last the nighttime. He’d rather not get started with you than get you entangled with him.

Now, let’s get something straight! The fact that disinterestedness might be the case doesn’t make you any less of a person. In fact, it has nothing on your value and self-worth. You just have to understand that there are different categories of guys, and personalities vary too. While some guys are socially active, ready to mingle and jump into adventures, some are extremely reserved and gentle, and some others are principled in an annoying way.

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4. He’s got cooler matches

This sounds crazy, but it’s also true. A guy who gets messages from ladies he perceives is cooler or more attractive than you may not send you a reply. Also, a guy who already found what he’s looking for may not respond to your messages. He may be trying to stick to one to avoid all other distractions.

It’s also possible that he has a lot of messages to reply to. So, he quickly scans through to select the ladies that tickle his fancy while neglecting the other ones. Sadly, yours may fall into the category not selected.

This is why once the 24hours response deadline goes by, you should move on to other matches. People may not respond because of way crazier reasons. You’d only be getting yourself worked up if you bother about all this.

If you’ve been chit-chatting at some point on bumble before he suddenly ghosts on you, the chances are that he’s got other engagements and isn’t worth your time.

5. He’s busy at the moment

If you’re thinking ‘well I think he likes me but takes forever to text back,’ it’s possible he got busy – it’s a possibility. His non-response may be because he has an audit report to submit to his boss, or he’s got an urgent contract on his lap to execute. Perhaps, he just may have a lot on his plate that needs his attention – not bumble at that time. You should know that when some people get busy, they just get engrossed with what they are doing. Until they finish, they don’t do other things.

Why do guys stop messaging on bumble?

6. Oh, he forgot

There are cases where he could have gotten your notification, but before he could text a reply, he gets distracted and forgets to do so. In some other instances, he just may want to send a reply at a later time, but unfortunately, he never remembers.

It’s not like he doesn’t want to reply but he can’t because he procrastinates or has many things on his mind that make him easily forget things. However, a guy who likes you won’t forget to send a reply; keep that in mind.

Nevertheless, instead of jumping the gun and coming to hasty conclusions, you can simply send him a quick follow-up message after it’s been over a day without his reply insight. You should be careful when doing this though. You don’t want to appear as someone who’s desperate for attention. So, send a picture of you grabbing a bite or of someone who you think looks like him. This is only to jog his memory, nothing more.

Why do guys stop messaging on bumble?

As you can see from the convo above, she let him know about her plans with her family that week.

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7. No bumble notification

If his bumble notification is switched off by mistake or by whatever, he may not get your message prompt. Consequently, there’s no way he can send his reply except he checks his app and finds your message within the privileged time.

There could be technical glitches from bumble too. When this happens, you may not be the only one not getting a response; there might be others too. So, unless this fault is rectified, he may not know someone has tried to reach him.

If you don’t get bumble notifications too, it’s easy to set up. Simply go to your profile image at the top left side of your screen, then click Settings. An array of options would show up on your screen, scroll over to ‘notification setting’ to switch on your notification.

8. He’s was forced to join bumble

As funny and strange as it sounds, it’s real!

Come to think of it, there’s the possibility that your match may have been forced or coaxed to sign up on the dating platform. Worst case scenario, someone may have signed up on his behalf. You don’t get a reply from these categories of guys because they are battling with one psychological issue or another.

Peradventure, he’s given up on relationships because of his previous experiences. Maybe he had lost someone dear to him at some point or had a bad experience. There’s no way on earth you can get a reply from this fellow unless a miracle happens. This is why it’s important you vet the profiles of your potential matches. Check their profiles, bio, and pictures. Ensure they are people of like minds, interests, and values. To get a reply from these people too, you have to convince them that you share similar interests. This should reflect in your profiles, bio, and pictures since those are the only selling points you’ve got.

Wrap Up

Bumble is a place to mingle and forge new relationships. Hopefully, it’s the place where you can find the dream man of your choice. However, it’s important you prep yourself ahead for any possibility as you may get ignored. You shouldn’t take this the hard way; if you feel attracted to someone and he is not forthcoming, there are many other people who would like to have you in their lives. So, don’t get demoralized or emotionally pained because some egoistic jerk is not responding to your messages. You deserve far better!

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  1. Shweta Bajaj says:

    I’ve been on bumble for a couple of months. My problem is that, if I want to swipe right fir a match, your tick ✅ button Does NOT work properly. I think I have LOST quite a few matches this way. Am either not able to click properly or its the App that’s not properly made whatever, it’s my LOSS.
    PLEASE advise.

    1. I would try restarting the app and signing back in to see if it loads properly. I would check to see if it’s the latest version since it could be outdated. Lastly, I would check your device since older devices may not be able to support the latest version.

      If you’re still having issues, I would contact their support team and see what they say. I hope you get everything sorted out!