I Friendzoned Him, Now I Miss Him

I Friendzoned a Guy, Now I Miss Him (How to Get Him Back)

Uh Oh!! You realized you made a mistake in friendzoning a guy and now you don’t know how to make it right. Is there still a chance or have you really blown it with him? Today I’m taking you through the answers to this dilemma and ways to move that friendzoned relationship to being more than just pals.

I Friendzoned Guy, Now I Miss Him

I Friendzoned Him But Now I Miss Him

Okay, don’t panic!! If you friendzoned him but now you miss him, you can get him back and rebuild the relationship by giving him a chance to heal from the rejection before you move on.

First, you need to understand that you rejected him and he may not want to engage in conversation with you in the beginning. Try to casually start conversations while not seeming clingy or desperate. Dropping him a text asking, ‘How are you doing?’ is a great opener. Keep it light. Put an idea out for a future together. You can even send him an honest text like the one below:

I Friendzoned Him But Now I Miss Him

He may appreciate your honesty and see that you’re in it for real this time. It’s important to clarify to him that you’re interested and try to move forward like that.

Then, in two or three weeks, extend an invitation for a group activity. Keep in mind he may be focused on his own goals so one “Sorry, I can’t” is not the end of the world. You know he likes you and he has had his heartbroken. Message him more often but don’t swamp him with texts. This can be a real turn-off.

Just gently nudge him in the right direction. Bear in mind this is not like instant coffee, where you can just add water. It’s a process, as the long slow perk of robust, flavorful coffee. Think up to 3 months of the long slow dance.

I Accidentally Friendzoned a Guy – What should I do?

So, you have sent the first text and the response is positive. Find out casually what his interests are and make plans to meet him for that Yankees game he wants to see or that expo he likes. Inviting him on a coffee date is a great casual icebreaker.

Discuss books – ask him who his favorite author or genre is. For movies, has he seen the latest Bond film yet? Does he like the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees? See if you have common interests. If the response is favorable, plan an outing or activity, something you would both enjoy. Just start out slow to break the ice and gently woo him. Feeling relaxed and casual, but attentive are good signs you are moving forward.

If you are looking for more conversation ideas, be sure to check out my post on the best Hinge conversation starters. It will help you prevent a dry conversation and show you what to say after sending that first conversation starter. It’s also helpful to learn more successful OkCupid conversation examples to get that conversation flowing.

I Friendzoned Him – Now I want him

At first, you may both be nervous. This is completely normal. Activities with another couple or group of friends are a great way to start dating. Progress from there to dinner dates, movie dates, and exploring parks together. The goal is to agree on things that work well for both of you. If you have a special or rare interest, keep that in reserve for the future.

Three months to go from friendzone to something more with someone is not a long time. Many relationships are born out of friendships and let’s face it if things work out, this is the person you are going to talk to more than anyone else you know. Take this, for example:

I Friendzoned Him But Now I Miss Him

If he is the right person for you, he will stand by you. The initial rejection won’t be enough for him to forget everything you two have been through. When you have a strong friendship, a romantic relationship can build naturally.

I Shouldn’t Have Rejected Him

If you’re beating yourself up over rejecting him, try to focus more on finding signs of positive change in your friendship. That may give you the power to keep working on it to build a romantic relationship. A good sign of change could be harmless flirting with each other within your group of friends.

It is never too soon to compliment him and mention what you admire about him, whether it’s a personal strength or a situation he handled well. Letting a person know what you like stir attraction and doesn’t cost you anything.

You’ll eventually start giving each other pet names, even better compliments, or little gifts, like coffee mugs or matching tee-shirts with your pet names emblazoned on them.

In addition to the tips provided, you should also look at your other options and consider a dating app, like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. If you’re looking to create a magnetic profile, be sure to check out my services.

Here are some easy tips to make your Hinge profile stand out. 

I Accidentally Friendzoned Him – What To Do?

It may seem hopeless if you accidentally friendzoned him and regret it, but it is possible to go from friends to partners.

For example, a couple is friends for two years. They discover they like each other, they date and eventually marry. This is typical of many friend-to-romantic relationships. However, it is important that both of you understand the feelings that are developing between you and discuss these openly.

Avoid any secret dancing around or choices to leave the other person guessing. You want this person in your life, so let them in. Do you text each other constantly? Dress to please each other? Make excuses to be alone together? Are you gazing into each other’s eyes and finding yourself touching each other in different ways? These are all great signs of flirting that can transition your relationship into something real.

Take a look at the conversation below. The green text is prompting their partner to open up about how they feel, and the response is flirty, kind, and lovely. It’s a great example of how to re-express your interest to the guy you once rejected.

I Accidentally Friendzoned Him - What To Do?

I Friendzoned Him and He Stopped Talking to Me

It can be a bit of a guessing game to wonder what he’s thinking, especially if he ghosted or blocked you after you rejected him. If he stopped talking to you after you friendzoned him, it might be time to shift to finding another match on a dating site like OkCupid, Bumble, or Tinder.

But, if you manage to get him to communicate with you again, you can start with a simple coffee date or walk in the park.

When the date wraps up, let him know you had a great time, and you would like to do it again sometime. Texting shows you valued his time and enjoyed his company.

Ladies if he texts you first, make sure you respond that same day. Don’t keep him hanging. Not responding sends the signal you are not interested and have bad texting etiquette.

If he’s willing to have a second date with you and try again, give him two or three days to make plans before he texts you. He will want to know if you would enjoy the planned date. You can ask something like the person in this conversation:

I Friendzoned Him and He Stopped Talking to Me

Explain how you want to keep seeing him and make a few inside jokes, then ask him for another date.

Conclusion & Round Up

This guide has discussed how to unfriendzone the guy you like and move the relationship in a positive direction. Discussions have touched on breaking the ice after being friendzoned and how to do this without seeming threatening, clingy, or pushy about it. You have learned how to take a man out of the friendship-zone and plant him firmly in the significant-other-zone.

You have learned how to move the dating and texting rules from the friendzone to the partner zone. You have learned that leaving her hanging after a date is not good and will not move your relationship forward.

Let me leave you with a few personal questions. Do you want to know more? Do you want to discover how to put your best foot forward for a great relationship? Do you want to know what to say and how to say it?

Learn how to craft the right text response, include a conversation starter, and express your interest causally with my online dating services.

I’ll teach you my highly recommended tips and how to use them to maximize your online dating success on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OkCupid, and more. I can even help you build the perfect online dating profile so you can get the most compatible matches, anytime you head to an app.

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  1. The moment a woman friend zones me, that’s it. No second chances. Because even if I forgive her she will still friendzone me in the future.

    Ladies must learn how to think before making a decision of breaking a man’s heart. Men also have emotions.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, both men and women need to respect and value each other before making a decision that can affect the relationship.