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How To Be”Cocky Funny” To Get More Clients & Business

Have you heard of the dating coach, David Deangelo?

He’s better known as internet marketing extraordinaire, Eben Pagan.

The other day I was going through my old dating books when I came across one of the first books he wrote called “Double Your Dating.”

I first read it in college when I was working hard to improve my social and dating skills. Growing up I was shy and had difficulty talking to the ladies (I still do sometimes).

Basically, the main principle the author advocates to improve your dating success is to be “cocky funny”.

This means that instead of doing what most guys do – which is being overly nice and complimentary hoping that the girl will like him – is to be a little “cocky funny” by playfully teasing her as you would tease a good friend.

By teasing them in this manner, you’re gaining interest and attraction by acting differently.

This idea was revolutionary for me at the time since I had no idea that teasing was a good way to create attraction.

And although I had a long way to go, my confidence and dating life did improve afterward. Just by doing a couple of things differently from other guys, I was getting better results than before.

This got me thinking that this same principle can be applied to business:

By doing things differently than your competitors you can stand out too.

For example, if all your competitors are saying that X is good, go against the grain and say that X is bad. Or if everyone is offering A, offer B instead.

Basically, don’t be afraid to do things differently.

Don’t follow the herd and do things as everyone else.

This is the easiest way to get lost in the pack.

Take risks and be a little different.

And above all, find your unique voice and let it shine.

If you’re looking to find your brand’s unique voice and let it shine, I can help. We can set up a personal consultation to find ways to boost your brand’s marketing ROI.

Just contact me, let me know what you’re struggling with, and we can go on from there 🙂

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