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Marketing Secrets: How My Sister Broke Out Of Her Shell

I love my sister.

She’s awesome.

But she can be a bit shy.

We were chatting on the phone and she told me some clients she has worked with closely over the phone and email for the past 4 months were in town. They invited her out for some drinks to finally meet up and put a face to the name.

Although she was interested in meeting them, she didn’t want to go.

The reason?

She feels awkward in social situations.

She was worried she might say something dumb.

She was worried she might not know what to say.

She was worried she would make a bad impression.

Basically, she felt like a little Biyaaaatch (her words, not mine).

I could definitely relate to how she felt.

I think we all have felt this way before.

So when she asked me for advice, what did I suggest?

First, I told her to relax. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just a casual get-together with some clients.

Second, I told her to go. Basically, she had nothing to lose and she might actually have a good time.

It could also be a great opportunity to get to know her clients better and potentially make some new contacts in the industry.

After some deliberation, she decided to go.

And guess what?

She had a blast. They met up, got some drinks, and enjoyed some great music at a local pub.

In fact, they’re planning to do another get-together when they are back in town.

Why am I sharing this in a copywriting newsletter?

How will this story get you more moolah for your business?

You have to be open and on the lookout for new opportunities in your market.

If there’s a desperate problem that needs to be filled, there’s an opportunity there.

But you have to be on the lookout – and be willing to take that first step – to give yourself a chance of succeeding. Otherwise, you might never have that opportunity again.

In my sister’s case, she wouldn’t have experienced an awesome time with her clients if she didn’t open herself up to the opportunity.

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