Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales

Loads of questions have been coming in about ways to improve your Amazon listing and increase your sales.

Today I decided to take some time out to answer a few of them.

Anyways, here we go…

Question: What’s the best way to learn about your customers?

Answer: Amazon customer reviews

If you don’t have your own email list to ask customers, the best place to learn about your market is to read customer reviews of other sellers who are selling similar products.

Go through the reviews and make note of things that customers liked and disliked about the products.

Did the product meet their expectations?

What about the product did they want to be improved?

By finding out these answers, you’ll have a much better understanding of your target market’s wants and needs.

Question: What are some ways I can improve my product features?

Answer: Focus on the benefits

Most sellers make the mistake of falling in love with their product’s features.

They mention all the cool new features without showing how they specifically benefit their customers.

Your customers don’t care about your product’s features.

They want to know how your product helps make their lives better.

Does it save them time?

Or does it last twice as long than similar products?

The more specific you can be the better.

Go through each of your product features and ask yourself if you’re showing their specific benefits.

If not, re-write them again.

Question: I’m having some trouble getting reviews from customers. What can I do?

Answer: Add value to your review request emails

Most review request emails that sellers send to customers focus on taking.

They ask for a review, feedback, or something else from the customer.

As a result, most of the emails end up getting ignored or deleted.

Instead, focus on providing value to your customers first.

Provide some useful tips or ways for them to get the most of out their product.

If you’re selling exercise bands, you can include exercises they can do with them.

Your customers will appreciate it and be more likely to leave an honest review for your product.

And the more reviews that you get, the better your ranking and sales will be too.

If you’re ready to give your Amazon sales a boost, let’s talk.

We can set up a short chat and find ways to improve your listing and emails so that you’re getting more sales.

Until next time, stay awesome.

Your Profit-Boosting Coach
Alex Wong

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