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4 Mistakes Selling On Amazon (Avoid These Seller Blunders)

Do you make these 4 common mistakes selling on amazon?

They’re common.

I see sellers make them every day on Amazon.

And it’s costing them A TON of sales.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be you if avoid these simple mistakes:

1. Not Showing Your Product’s Benefits

So, how do you increase amazon sales? The easiest way is to focus on your product’s benefits.

I see many businesses focusing too much on their product’s features and instead of the benefits.

Features are great but what customers truly want are the benefits.

They want to know how your product helps make their life easier or better.

And if you can’t show them that, they’ll find it somewhere else.

So be sure to focus on your product’s unique benefits and your customers will love you for it. For example, it’s great that your product is made of premium materials, but how does that help the customer?

Does that mean it last long longer so they save more money?

Does it mean that it is more convenient to use?

Spend some time linking each of your product’s features to their benefits. And be sure to include your biggest features in your listing’s title, product features and description.

Learn how to write and optimize your product title.

2. Including Too Many Irrelevant Keywords

The main way that customers find products on Amazon is by typing them into the search bar.

The keywords that they enter are matched against the keywords that you enter for your product.

That means well-chosen keywords improve your chances of being discovered by shoppers.

However, some sellers think that the more keywords they include in their listing will improve their visibility and Amazon sales rank.

Sadly, this isn’t the case.

In fact, “stuffing” too many irrelevant keywords is only going to drive the wrong kind of traffic to your listing, which increases your bounce rates and lowers your conversions.

When choosing your keywords, be sure that they’re relevant to your product. Lastly, it’s recommend to include a variety of long-tail keywords that are easier to rank for. That’s the best way to optimize your Amazon listing.

3. Not Differentiating Your Brand & Product

Chances are your product isn’t going to be the first of its kind on the market.

There are probably dozens – if not hundreds – of other identical products being sold on Amazon.

That means competition is tough.

If you’re going to have a chance of succeeding on Amazon, you have to show shoppers the unique advantages of your brand and product.

Show what makes you different from your competitors.

That’s how you stand out.

Here are 4 easy ways to superchage your Amazon product descriptions.

4. Not Knowing Your Customers

Probably the biggest determining factor of whether your business succeeds or fails is your customers.

No customers = no money = no business

What are your target customers struggling with?

What solutions are they looking for?

What are their unique needs?

Find the answers to these questions and you’ll be much closer to making that sale.

No matter what you’re selling, your customers have a problem that they want to solve.

They have a desire that needs to be fulfilled.

It’s your job to help them achieve this.

In fact, it’s your ethical duty to do so.

By “falling in love” with your ideal customers you can learn about their needs and desires and motivate them to click that coveted “Add to Cart” button.

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