Why You Should Treat Your Best Customers Like Gold

The other night my best friend and I decided to try a new dumpling house.

Apparently, it won numerous awards and was rated as one of the best places to eat in the city.

We ordered a dish of steamed dumplings and another dish of sweet and sour fish (one of my favorites).

The dumplings came out quickly and were amazing.

We devoured them faster than a kid eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

But when it came to the sweet and sour fish, it took a little while longer….

In fact, 25 minutes longer.

The wait was getting so ridiculous that we were ready to cancel our order and leave.

That’s when the waiter came over and offered to give us the entire meal for free.

Obviously, we were not expecting this and were pleasantly surprised.

Apparently, the cook was new and they were understaffed at the back.

Our dish came out a couple minutes later and it was everything we hoped for – sweet, sour, delicious.

Anyways, here’s my point:

The fact that the waiter offered to write off our entire meal because of the wait turned what would have been a negative experience into a positive one.

He could have easily just let us leave without offering anything but he didn’t.

He took it upon himself to make things right for the customer to ensure we had a pleasant experience.

And while it would have been better if we didn’t have to wait at all, we still appreciated the fact that he offered our meal on the house due to the inconvenience.

Because of this, I might be willing to give the restaurant another shot in the future.

This same principle applies to your best customers.

Treat them like gold.

Go above and beyond and provide them with the best experience you can.

If they experience any issues with your service or product, fix it ASAP.

If your product is defective, offer a replacement.

If you provide a service, offer a revision.

By doing this, you’re showing your customers that you care.

And you’ll be improving the chances of keeping them over the long term.

Go above and beyond to ensure your customers feel appreciated and you will have customers for life.

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It doesn’t get easier than that.

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