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Who is this for?

This book is for Amazon sellers, FBA sellers, and anyone with an Amazon business who wants to find profitible keywords for their products

What's it about?

This step by step  guide will teach you exactly how to find keywords and optimize product listings that will boost your rankings and sales.

Heres 's what' you'll learn:

FREE resources to find profitable keywords

An overview of Amazon’s rules and guidelines

How and where to input keywords

★ Key differences between short and long tail keywords

Critical mistakes that sellers make with keywords

My "BFF Test" to determine which keywords are worth adding 

How to check if keywords are being indexed

Action Plans to practice what you’ve learned

★ Plus, much more..


It's a great useful book for sellers. This book includes much good advice about how to optimize listing products and provides useful resources for keyword research and suggestions of how to get keywords."


Amazon Customer


This is the BEST book I have seen when it comes to keywords and tools to find them."

Dawn Mattox 

Author of the Burning Suspense Series


Mr. Wong did an excellent job of digging into the various elements of what might affect the latest Amazon search algorithm, and making that available to people who would market on Amazon. This book is not for beginners, because the Amazon algorithm was contrived by geeks with unknown agendas. Still this is the best I've read and will repay close study and experimentation with the various tools and techniques. I am using this for reference."


Amazon Customer

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