How To Use Amazon Reviews To Create Magnetic Copy


What’s the secret to writing amazing copy? By stealing it directly from your prospects. Yeah, you heard me.

The best copywriters don’t just sit around thinking of the best ways to express the value of a product or service. They know it’s far better (and easier) to find out the shopper’s needs and desires and to make it apparent to them in the most engaging and clearest way possible.

So how do we do this?

We sift through and analyze customer data, which can include surveys, market research, interviews, focus groups, etc. While these are all great resources, I want to focus on an underutilized resource that you may not have considered: Amazon customer reviews.

Amazon is jam-packed with customer reviews that you can use for your copy. Everything from umbrellas, organizers, to glow in the dark toilet paper have reviews on Amazon. And the great is that a lot of them are verified, meaning that they’re real.

Here is the review section for a top selling travel umbrella:


To start off, go to the reviews section of your product. If yours is a new listing or don’t have many reviews yet, go to a few of your competitor’s listings with more reviews. Chances are there’s a similar product like yours is already being sold on Amazon so that means there’s will be customer reviews as well. I would say a listing with at least 50 reviews should give you a decent idea of what people think of the product.

Once you’re in the review section, go to the most helpful reviews first. These are the reviews that other shoppers found the most useful, so they are likely to be the most impactful.


Then go through the five and one-star reviews. These reviews are relevant to you because they are from people who have the strongest emotional response to the product. Finally, if you have time, go through the two, three, and four-star reviews since these will offer a mix of positive and negative points about the product.


As you go through the reviews, you will start to have a better idea of what you should use for your copy. Take notice of what aspects of the product shoppers consider important. They will often give specific reasons why they rated the product a number of stars. Many shoppers will also tell their personal stories or experiences using the product. These experiences are gold mines since you can use them to base your copy on.

Other things to make note of include:

  • The words that shoppers use to describe the product
  • What benefits they say it offers
  • Things that they liked and disliked
  • What they absolutely loved
  • Real life problems that the product helped solve

Besides the five-star reviews, the one-star reviews are just as important. This is because one-star reviews will include aspects about the product you want to avoid, such as problems or weakness. You can use this opportunity to address them. When crafting your copy, you can offer solutions to the problems or weakness.

As you go through the reviews, make a notepad and copy and paste any memorable phrases that you find. That way when you’re writing the copy, you can easily reference the phrases that you use. This process allows you to create the perfect message that is based on actual strong emotional responses from real customers.

Other great resources:

Besides reviews, be sure to go through the questions and answers section for the product. It should be under the product information section. Take note of any repeatedly asked questions or if shoppers are asking about a specific feature. You can use this information for your copy.


Besides Amazon, you can also check for reviews on Yelp, the Appstore or any other review sites. Just follow the same process that you used for Amazon.

Now that you know my secret strategy for producing magnetic copy, you should do it too.

Start going through the review sections to understand your customers’ experiences, needs and wants. By understanding them, you’ll be able to connect with them on a much deeper level and inspire them to buy from you.

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How To Use Amazon Reviews To Create Magnetic Copy

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