1 Easy Way To Stand Out From Other Airbnb Hosts

For the past couple months, I’ve been busy looking for a condo with my sister.

After looking at dozens of places, we arrived at one condo lobby which had a huge stack of coupons offering discounts to attractions around the city.

Just a few of the coupons included special discounts to comedy shows, tours, restaurants, and more…

These are places I had no idea or interest in seeing just a few moments ago and now I was interested in checking them out and giving them business.

So we decided to pick up a few since they would be interesting to check out.

In fact, I’ve already checked out a couple of the places this week, such as the science center (which I haven’t been to in ages) and the hockey hall of fame.

Which got me thinking…

This is a great idea for Airbnb hosts.

Besides offering guest information about things to see and do in the city (which any host can do) you can go the extra mile and network with local restaurants and businesses in the city to get discounts for your guests.

You could even maybe work out a deal with the businesses and get a cut for every sale you make for them.

By doing this, you’ll be making a bigger impact on your guests’ stay – which leads to better reviews – and potentially make more money from future bookings.

Speaking of good ideas, here’s one for you….

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1 Easy Way To Stand Out From Other Airbnb Hosts

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